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Dr.Bholanath Chakravarti Integrated Medical Research and Treatment Centre (BCIMR&TC) has been established by renowned phycisian Dr. Rathin Chakravarti in 2014 with the concept of "Future Generation Treatment Centre" where a sufferer will be able to get back his/her good health by the eminent doctors who are scientifically backed up by a group of Researchers dedicated at in-house fully equipped modern immunogenetic laboratory.

This Research Centre offers an integrated approach with medicine and immunogenetics. It is a dream Centre of Dr. Rathin Chakravarti towards totalistic and integrated approach of a disease which will open an avenue towards formulation of a tailor-made frequent guideline established by Immunogenetic Research. This Centre is located in the heart of Howrah, well-connected with Howrah Station, Kolkata by bus, train, etc. - near Mallick Fatak.

In this era of lab-based medicine BCIMR&TC is the pioneer of offering good health and cure from disease by specific medicine which is immunogenetically proved and specific. This Insitution is not only a treatment centre, not also a treatment-cum-research centre but also a complete health check-up centre with facility of endoscopy including NBI, laryngoscopy, cataract surgery and lot more where patient can step in personally or get in touch or even can have their Consultation done through Web also.

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Appointment Procedure

We DO NOT schedule any appointment over telephone.
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For any further information, send email to info@bncimrtc.com

Immunogenetics and Research Foundation Amenities

Immunogenetics :

The term Immunogenetics is based on the two words 'Immunology' and 'genetics' and is defined as "a sub-category of genetics" focussing on the genetic basis of immune reaction. Therefore, immunogenetics comprises of all the processes of an organism which are controlled and influenced by the gene of organism and on the other hand significant with regard to the immunological defence reaction of the organism.

Research Foundation Amenities

Our Patient unit for consultation on all sections of allopathy medicine namely Paediatric, Endocrine, Neurology, Psychiatry, Cardiology, Chest, Skin, Gastro-intestinal, Oncology; all sections of Surgery including General Surgery, Gynae & Obstetrics, Eye, ENT, Paediatric, Neurology, Dental and Facio-maxillary, Gastro-intestinal, Oncology, etc. Besides these there will be diabetic clinic, obesity clinic, Insurance or health checkup unit, dedicated Homoeopathy Consultation with medicine dispensing unit, well equipped modern Pathological laboratory, Endoscopy including NBI-Colonoscopy unit, Imaging unit with most modern X-ray, USG, ECHO service, TMT, PFT. We strive to provide the very best in CANCER treatment.

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Medicine Research
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Dr. Bholanath Chakravarty Treatment Centre
Research on Medicine
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